The Farewell to Form Six Students
2021-01-21 (Thursday)
Category : Academic

Our school organized the Farewell event for Form Six students on the 21st January, 2021. Our school supervisor, Fr. Matthew Chan presented awards to students with outstanding performance in their subjects and encouraged them to continue their success. The awardees are:

Biology(EMI): 6A  LAI TSZ HIN

Visual Art: 6A  LEUNG CHUN YAN

Economics (CMI): 6A  WONG WING LAM

BAFS (Business Management): 6A  YIP MAN LOK

Physical Education (HKDSE): 6B HONG YIN POK JEREMY

Chinese History, Geography: 6B LEE KA CHUN

BAFS (Accounting): 6B CHIU CHUN YIN

Chinese Language, Economics (EMI): 6C CHONG CHUN WAI

Religious Knowledge/Ethics: 6C CHUA WAI NAM WYMAN

Information and Communication Technology: 6C LAM TSUN FUNG

Liberal Studies: 6C NG POK HEI

English Language: 6C TSUI WAI CHEUK

Mathematics, Chemistry , Biology(CMI): 6C WU SEN YUK

Physics , Mathematics (Extended Part) M2: 6D LI MAN HIN

Physical Education: 6D WONG YIN MING

Mathematics (Extended Part) M1: 6D WONG YIN NOK

At the farewell event, our school principal, Ms. Josephine To, reviewed the school life memories with our Form Six students when they were in Junior forms and Senior forms. She reminded the Form Six students that working hard for the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination is the best way to show gratitude to their teachers. Fr Leung also reminded students to “Do what they should do and do what they can do”, and blessed them and said the prayer together.  All the students sang the school song with passion, with which the Farewell event and the last school day for From Six students came to an end.

In the S6 General Assembly, Fr. Antonio Leung presented the prize for the book report competition for the 90th anniversary of martyrdom and 20th anniversary of canonization of St Versiglia and Caravario. The prize was awarded to 6C 24 Tsui Wai Cheuk.

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