Watching the Musical Matteo Ricci
2020-02-21 (Friday)
Category : Academic
Watching the Musical Matteo Ricci

About 60 students, teachers and parents watched the Musical Matteo Ricci at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre on 10th January.


The young Matteo Ricci crossed the seas to the remote land of China to spread the Christian faith. He chose a new path that no one before him had dared to take. He learned the Chinese language, strived to understand and appreciate Chinese culture with an open mind, and struck up friendships with courtiers and commoners alike. He devoted his energy and time to put his profound knowledge, discourse in literature, science, protocol, philosophy and religion to use, and finally forged the “Directives of Matteo Ricci” which was going to be a useful bridge between the cultures of East and West. Through watching the musical, it is hoped that students could deepen their understanding of missionaries and increase their interest in musicals.

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