The Pilgrimage in Macau 2019 – John 1:39“Come and see”
2020-02-04 (Tuesday)
Category : Academic
The Pilgrimage in Macau 2019 – John 1:39“Come and see”

Thirty-three teachers and students joined the pilgrimage in Macau from 27th to 29th December 2019. We began our pilgrimage with prayer and mass every day. The main itinerary included visits to the Catholic churches and museum in Macau. We learned about missionary experiences and challenges in Macau through a guided tour of local parishioners and prayed for individual needs and families. Through group activities, we knew more about the difficulties of missionaries and learned how to bring positive values - gospel messages through games. We also visited the Youth Village and Yuet Wah College to learn about the development and advantages of Salesian in Macau and how we can be“ the servant of Evangelization” to others in our daily lives.

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