Message from the Principal

Dear Parents and students,


Welcome back to the Salesian Family. We especially welcome our new students and parents to join us in this academic year.


The year 2020 is a very special year. The sudden outbreak of the epidemic has indeed brought a lot of impact on everyone, disrupting everyone's life, school and teachers’ work as well as students’ learning. However, thanks to God's blessing, we have taken enough preventive measures and efforts to fight against the epidemic so that teachers, students and parents of the school stay healthy and safe.


St. Don Bosco once said, "as long as you are young, I will love you with all my heart.". The whole Salesian Team is a professional and dedicated team full of love. The teachers care for students, and are committed to educate students' self-discipline and self-learning spirits, promote them in the areas of physical, mental and spiritual health, and equip them to meet future challenges. Owing to the epidemic situation, at the beginning of this school year, all classes cannot be taught in person. Therefore, all teaching activities can only be carried out online, allowing students to study at home. Before the start of face-to-face class, although teachers and students can only meet with each other on the screen, the teachers endeavor their utmost efforts to prepare lessons for students' online learning, conceive online exercises, think about different assessment methods, and care for them in consideration of their physical, mental and spiritual health during the anti-epidemic period. The students can therefore entirely learn at home even though they are not able to return to school at this tough moment. I believe that students can also feel the dedication and care that the teachers offer. I hope that students can learn with gratitude in a manner of self-discipline and self-consciousness and cherish every learning opportunity.


This academic year is the third year of the three-year development plan cycle. The theme of the school is “Knowledge brings confidence, Be salt and light of the world”. Many school activities have been suspended during the epidemic. We hope that we can continue to enhance the students' self-confidence and effectiveness through different learning activities and programs when the epidemic alleviates. The teachers can guide, encourage and assist students to develop their talents given by God, and enhance their sense of responsibility and self-care ability through their company, listening and walking along with students. We also hope that students can become "salt and light" of other people – “salt” and “light” have one thing in common, that is, they can bring unexpected effects and changes to life even though they are not remarkable. “Salt” itself has the function of seasoning and antisepsis, while light has the function of illumination. We hope that students can play the role of "salt" and "light" on campus and in society, so as to bring more human feelings to the campus and society, and do their part to infect and influence the people around them with good conduct.



Finally, we understand that both parents, teachers and students are facing many difficulties and challenges in the epidemic. We would like to thank parents for their continued support and understanding, making use of the spirit of home-school cooperation, and working with the school to teach students  how to adapt to the changes of the learning environment and mode, so that they can become stronger when they encounter difficulties and strive to overcome them in the epidemic situation.


At the beginning of this academic year, we pray for the Almighty God to give our teachers and students the wisdom and health and to lead us in the pursuit of excellence in different areas. Also, with the help of the Virgin Mary and St. Don Bosco, let us have encouragement to face new learning and new challenges, and also let us pray for the early elimination of the epidemic.


May God bless you and your family.


Ms. To Yuk Yin


1st September 2020

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