Message from the Principal

Dear Parents and students,

Welcome back to the Salesian Family, and a special welcome to our new students and parents to join us in this academic year.

We are celebrating our 70th anniversary in 2021 with the theme of "70 years of dream-making journey, our love sets sail into the future". Salesian's past achievements were built by the hard work and earnestness of our old boys and Salesians Fathers. The history and reputation of Salesian School is also achieved and maintained by the hard work and persistence of many Salesians Fathers, seniors, and old boys. We are grateful every day for the achievements and traditions that they have built for us over the past 70 years. In fact, the Salesian ship has been sailing in the sea for many years and has suffered many storms and shocks. We are thankful that the storms and waves did not sink us but rather highlighted our sturdiness. With God's guidance and Our Virgin Mary's blessing, the Salesian ship continues to carry different young people forward, and through the dedication and love of Salesians Fathers and teachers, we accompany young people of different generations to face all challenges and rise to the occasions.

The epidemic in the past two years has indeed brought a lot of impact and disruption to everyone's life, and has greatly affected the work of the school and teachers as well as the learning of the students. Looking back on these days, there are indeed many things that we could not control in our work, study and daily lives. However, thanks to God's blessing and our efforts, the teachers, students and parents of the school are healthy and safe, and the whole Salesian Team has been able to perform their duties as a team, to cultivate self-discipline and self-learning spirit among the students, and to promote the physical, mental and spiritual health of the students. For the time being, the school can only arrange for students to return to school for a half-day face-to-face class, while in the afternoon, supplementary classes and extracurricular activities will be conducted in the form of online real-time classes. It is not a must to be able to go back to school for face-to-face classes. We really hope that students will cherish every opportunity to learn in the classroom and even the afternoon real-time classes. We even hope that during this difficult time, each student will set a goal for himself and work hard towards it, so that he can develop good study habits, study hard, and make progress and growth in both academic performance and character.

Finally, we understand that parents, teachers, and students are facing many difficulties and challenges during the epidemic. We would like to thank parents for their support and understanding, and for working together with the school to teach students to adapt to the changing learning environment and patterns. No one knows when the epidemic will recede, but we know that God is in charge of everything. The Bible says, Never worry about anything; but tell God all your desires of every kind in prayer and petition shot through with gratitude, and the peace of God which is beyond our understanding will guard your hearts and your thoughts in Christ Jesus." (Philippians 4:6-7)

At the beginning of this academic year, we pray for the Almighty God to give our teachers and students the wisdom and health and to lead us in the pursuit of excellence in different areas. Also, with the help of the Virgin Mary and St. Don Bosco, let us have encouragement to face new learning and new challenges, and also let us pray for the early elimination of the epidemic.

May God bless you all and your families.

Ms. To Yuk Yin
1st September 2021

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