Perks of our English Corner VIPs
2024-05-03 (Friday)
Location : Flamma Cafe
Leader : English department
Category : Academic

During the exciting Music Hour held on 3 May, some of our English Corner VIPs were seen enjoying delicious ice cream. That is only one of the perks of being our privileged English Corner VIPs!

English Corner VIP is a status attainable by earning 10 or more English stamps per school term. For junior form students, English stamps are part of the daily marks of the English oral component. Stamps can be earned by participating in English activities held throughout the year outside of their regular English classes. At the same time, the stamps are designed to also work as a reward scheme. Once a student becomes a VIP, he can unlock extra benefits like this one.

If you are one of our VIPs, don't forget to claim yours next time. If you aren't yet, be sure to get your stamps as soon as possible!

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