Symbols for MM Type 

V = Video 
A = Animation 
P = PowerPoint 
N = Notes 
I = Interaction

F.4 - 5

Topic Description MM Type
Cell structure The virtual cell (good presentation on the cell structure) I
photosynthesis Detail description on a photosynthesis experiment
(Chinese version)
genetics A website that explain genetics in a simple way
(Chinese version)


F.6 - 7

Topic Description MM Type
classification Plant photograph N
Cell division The cell cycle & mitosis tutorial – self-learn N
Transport in plants Sugar Transport in Plants (with explanations of the Pressure Flow Theory) A
enzyme Plant Gravitropism, Plant Growth, Microtubule Cytoskeleton (with great picture and detail notes) N
photosynthesis With clear notes covering the topic of photosynthesis (includes dark reactions, assimilation of carbon dioxide and the calvin cycle, the photosynthetic membrane…) N
respiration A website with detail notes on glucose conversion and products of glycolysis… N
Water and organisms Kidney function (using shockwave to explain the kidney function) – a good interactive website for student to self-learn on this topic I
Detection of environmental condition in mammals Dissection on cow’s eye – the experiment can be watched online V
Genetics, evolution and biotechnology NOVA online – Cracking the code of Life (with hot controversy on genetics topics) N
Genetics, evolution and biotechnology Genetics Education Network (dedicated to rescuing teachers and other students from terminal boredom by helping them do real science with modern research organisms) N
Genetics, evolution and biotechnology Human Genome News (a website with update news about human genome project) N
Plant hormones Plant hormones – detail descriptions on various plant hormones N
Coordination in mammals Comparative Mammalian Brain N
Man’s effect on his environment Environmental Resources for students N


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