Symbols for MM Type 

V = Video 
A = Animation 
P = PowerPoint 
N = Notes 
I = Interaction

Form Topic Description MM Type
F.5-6 E&M Different types of Motors Motors DIY ALL
F.4-6 Mechanics-Kinematics Animations to teach abstract concepts – vector, scalar, displacement, displacement, speed, velocity, acceleration,-constant motion, graphs of motion, motion under gravity-projectile ALL
F.6 Mechanics-Statics Statics-Principle of Lever – Balance or not ? A
F.6 Mechanics-Collisions Simulation of Elastic-inelastic Collisions A
F.6 Mechanics-Kinematics 1-D, 2-D-3-D graphs of different types of motion A
F.6 Mechanics-pendulum Simple pendulum, vertical driven-horizontal driven A,N
F.6 Mechanics-Circular motion Animation of Newton’s Cannon A,N
F.6 Mechanics –projectile Animation of projectile – the package drop A,N,I
F.4 Mechanics –projectile Animation of projectile – dropping of a water bomb A
F.4-6 Mechanics-forces Course in teaching concepts of force in Mechanics – Bernoulli’s principle included A,N,I
F.4-6 Mechanics-Energy-Work Course material in teaching the concept of Work-Energy A,N,I
F.4-6 Mechanics –Momentum Course material in teaching conservation of momentum A,N,I
F.6 Electricity – Ohm’s Law Animation of experiment on Ohm’s Law A
F.6 Electrostatics Course material in teaching Electrostatics A,N
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